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Austin Farm Academy

Austin Farm Academy


At Austin Farm Academy, we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. 

Austin Farm Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its children. We will always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all our pupils and recognise that each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. All staff and any volunteers who work within the school are given clear guidance in how to behave and work with children. They are highly vigilant and well trained to report any concerns they have about a child's well-being, swiftly. At Austin Farm Academy, we will always talk with parents if concerns have been noted and will keep them informed should we feel it is necessary for us to report these concerns to another agency. Children know they can talk about their worries to an adult they trust.

ALL employees, staff and volunteers at Austin Farm Academy complete rigorous annual training that is accredited by the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board (PSCB). This training covers the most up to date practice and information on safeguarding children, covering the following aspects: Safeguarding Children, Radicalisation and Extremism, Mental Health and Wellbeing, How to keep children safe and Online Safety.

We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice. The procedures contained in our safeguarding policy, apply to all staff and governors [and are consistent with those of the Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership (DSCP) and the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership (PSCP).

If you have any concerns about safeguarding at Austin Farm please contact any member of staff, who will ensure the designated officers are notified, or contact them directly on:

TEL: 01752 705367


Safeguarding Policies

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Safeguarding guidance for staff and parents

Other useful numbers:

NSPCC Childline: 0800 1111

Plymouth Gateway - public number: 01752 668000